Become a CLUB Member

Club LEVEL Perks:

  • 10% off other services

  • 10% off retail

  • Monthly Specials

  • Invitations to VIP events

How it works:

For an auto debit each month, you receive discounts on all of our services, facials and lash extension products.



Club Level LASH membership is for the lash lover and the lover of saving money for some of your favorite beauty services that you already get done every month.

Classic Fills, 2 per month: $115 per month

Hybrid Fills, 2 per month: $130 per month

Volume Fills, 2 per month: $149 per month

Lash Addict-Unlimited Fills $269 per month

Lift & Tint, 10 per year: $70 per Month


Rates for Club level
Compare to Non-Members (NM)

Volume $74 | 1 Hour | NM $85

Classic   $58 | 1 Hour | NM $69

Hybrid   $65 | 1 Hour | NM $80


Unfortunately not all lashes are created equal. Neither are all lash artists. Because of this, if you are coming to us for a fill and your current set was put on at another studio, we need to evaluate their work before we can fill your lashes. Sometimes we will need to remove your existing glue and or lashes.

  • Too much time between fills can have an impact on the volume of lashes we can lay.

  • These situations can cut into the time we have with you, but we are never doing less for you! Our goal is to give you the best of everything we have to offer, never compromising your experience or quality of service.


Lash's Signature Facial | Stop the Clock Facial | Sun-Kissed Facial (see Lash Services for more info)

Club level, 1 facial per month: $89

Compare to Non-Members (NM)

CL $89 | 1 Hour | NM $100

All Club Memberships are a minimum of 6 months and can be cancelled at anytime after 120 days. Unused fills and unused facials do not roll over. You must submit your cancellation in writing and can restart your program at any time!