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Have you been curious about having a peel,
yet are too afraid to try one? 


With so many options, the decision can be confusing about which peels are safe to try for beginners. 


Pumpkin enzyme peels are an excellent introductory treatment for anyone who hasn’t experienced what chemical resurfacing can do for them. First and foremost, when we talk about peels, whether chemical or enzyme based, they are not the mistakenly believed treatments that are applied to the skin and simply, “peeled off”, but rather a professional treatment that utilizes acids to dissolve dead skin cells, smoothing out imperfections and brightening dark spots. It is also a common misconception that all peels cause excessive redness, irritation, excessive shedding and painful downtime however, this isn’t the case with a pumpkin peel. 


In general, enzyme peels are specifically gentle on the skin’s surface because they mainly target dead skin cells. This means little to no irritation, and noticeably smoother, brighter, more radiant complexions. 

1 hour long facial $89




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