What is permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic invasive procedure of implanting color into the skin by using special instruments. Permanent makeup is used as a art form to enhance someones beauty. It is also perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle, someone who may have limited sight or mobility, vitiligo or alopecia.

How long does Permanent Makeup last?

Permanent makeup will last for a long time. The effects of sun, swimming pools, harsh facial cleaners can all fade permanent makeup. Typically you will need a Touch up or Color Refresher to keep it looking fresh every couple of years.

How long does Microblading / Manual shading last?

Microblading/Manual shading eyebrows are Semi-permanent and can last up to 12–18 months.

The procedure is done by using a very fine blade to implant color into the epidermis. This is done by the use of hand tool or disposable pen blade vs a permanent makeup machine or rotary pen. Both techniques can achieve a very natural looking eyebrow.

Permanent Eyeliner

Color placed as a thin line into the lash line or applied tapered in closer towards the nose and fuller towards the outside corners. Many people use permanent eyeliner as a lash enhancement or for a more winged out look.

Permanent Lip Color

Lined, Ombre, or full lip color can be the answer to fuller looking lips. Permanent lip color can really help define and make your lips fuller and give you an easier makeup routine everyday. Lip Color can also be applied very natural.